Gantz Associates: Understanding the Foreclosure Process


When you signed all the many papers agreeing to your home mortgage, there may have been obscure, fine-print points that you didn’t see or understand. Then, it was of no concern. Now, it may be.


The word foreclosure can elicit feelings of fear, helplessness and a sense of being alone. We are here to help. Foreclosure is the process by which a lender assumes ownership of a home because the homeowner has fallen behind on payments and unable to catch up.


At Gantz Associates, we have developed a highly successful approach to save our clients’ homes. For some clients, we provide legal advocacy throughout the modification process. For other clients, we may also challenge the bank’s legal authority to foreclose. Still other clients find that a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing is the best route toward resolving this matter.


Banks must follow a detailed legal process over a period of time which includes communicating with the borrower. In today’s home ownership landscape, some lenders employ tricks and schemes to intimidate homeowners into leaving their homes and suffering huge financial setbacks.


At Gantz Associates, we connect with clients during that process, sometimes after a lender has taken a final step toward foreclosure –publishing notice of public auction in the local Legal News. Under state law, a homeowner is obligated to pay big-time or risk losing their home.


It’s a frightening time, often because mortgage companies have misled homeowners to believe that if they pay a small amount for several months, they won’t lose their home. Understanding the emotions a homeowner may be feeling, we scrutinize every situation to find the holes in the lender’s claim – and pursue restitution.


Manipulative tactics from nameless, faceless voices on the receiving end of the toll-free number you called for help can actually lead you to homelessness. We want to prevent such a scenario. We help dozens of people every day avoid losing their homes.